GstarCAD8 What's New

Learn about the new functionalities added in GstarCAD8 and take advantage of them.
  • Layout viewport

  • Users can set different layer color, linetype, lineweight, plot style within a viewport at layout space. The layer changes only will be displayed at layout space but not at model space. Layout viewports makes layer modifications be super flexible when plotting a drawing.
  • Xtra Grips

  • Xtra grips make easy editing objects like polyline and hatch. Users can stretch a polyline or hatch object by holding and dragging any extra grip to control its shape.
  • Hatch Color & Background

  • Apply color and background to your hatch pattern or solid fills to get more realistic representation of your drawing.
  • Edit Reference Tab

  • Users can quickly select an edit reference option from its ribbon tab like save and discharge changes, add or remove from working set when editing a block as a reference by executing the command REFEDIT.
  • Shortcuts Customize

  • Shortcuts customize provides a faster way to invoke a command and customize its shortcut. The CUSTACC command allows you to customize, delete or modify existing command shortcuts.
  • Multileaders

  • Multileader is an annotative function and is used to attach annotation to multiple leader lines. Multileader give additional information or special instruction in a point or specific area on your drawing.
  • Magnifier

  • Magnifier is an innovative tool that not only helps to view drawing details or snap points without performing the traditional zoom in/out, pan or even regen commands on big drawings but also is easy of use and customize.
  • CUI (Drag and Drop Customization)

  • Drag and drop customization is an innovative way to quickly customize user interface environment by dragging and placing any command you need to any ribbon panel.

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