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DTS Cad and DTS Cad LT application for GstarCad®, designed for returning surveying of buildings, roads, quarries, canals and artifacts in general. DTS Cad LT is a limited version of Cad DTS and is completely free.
The DTSCAD is suitable for GstarCAD8.

DTSCAD Features

  • Features

    DTS Cad is developed by collaboration of experienced team of engineers and companies, who have been working with particular attention to the development of automation in the field for years. Directly from the environment GstarCad® with this application you can:
    - Import files containing points with known coordinates or in the format celerimetric;
    - Return plans listed with contour lines;
    - Implement Digital Terrain Models (DTM);
    - Remove sections and longitudinal profiles;
    - Draw up elaborate for a road project and its calculation of the volumes of cut and fill;
    - Perform comparison of two plans listed and the extraction of the sections for comparison.
    The application contains large functions dedicated to the topographical design for quick and easy doing the operations of the projects, such as:
    - The drafting of the barbette;
    - The inclusion of squaring;
    - The drafting of the plan of employment;
    - The inversion of the coordinates y / z of the points, essential for usefulness pads rock walls or facades of buildings.
    The application is composed of functionally independent modules that interact with each other.

Registered Customer

Registered Customer

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