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CADprofi Mechanical
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CADprofi Mechanical is parametric CAD-application facilitating the 2D design of mechanical and engineering projects. CADprofi Mechanical can work in GstarCAD8, GstarCAD 2012EX, GstarCAD 2015, the latest CADprofi 12.03 version now supports GstarCAD 2016.

Product:CADprofi Mechanical | Category:GstarCAD Application | Size: 493 MB | Required OS: Windows | English and 22 other languages


CADprofi Mechanical Features

  • Features

    Updates in latest CADprofi verson 12.03,
    • Fast switching between symbols views/variants.
    • CADprofi Mechanical - possibility to expand the object database with user products.
    • CADprofi Mechanical – additional PN, ISO, ANSI and GOST standards.
    • Update of manufacturers’ libraries: Reflex, Vaillant, Heiztechnik.
    Standardized parts: bolts, screws, washers, nuts, joints, rivets, studs, openings, rebates, wedges, pivots, pins, bearings, grease nipples, and many more.
    Many local and international standards.
    Steel profiles: L-bars, tapered-channel bars, flat bars, box sections, rods, pipes, and more.
    Casings and end caps, pipes, U-bends, tees, reducers, etc.
    Procedures for calculating and automatically drawing heat exchangers.
    Editor for diagrams of pneumatic and plumbing systems

  • Features for all modules

    Fast design work using symbols and object in One-Click technology.
    Automatic numbering wizard.
    Manager of custom user content (blocks, drawing frames, symbols, etc.).
    Automatic bill-of-materials generation; the BOM can be printed or exported using many target file formats, including pdf, rft (doc), xls, xml, csv, etc.
    Automatic generation of visual symbol legends.
    Library of equipment by leading manufacturers of many industries.
    Metric and imperial units available.
    On-line updates.

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