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TableBuilder is designed to export table / BOM / schedules from GstarCAD/AutoCAD (LT)/ MicroStation to Excel worksheet. The table in GstarCAD / AutoCAD(LT) / MicroStation can be GstarCAD / AutoCAD native table or the table drawn with lines and text. Also you can convert a table drawn with lines and text to a GstarCAD / AutoCAD native table..

TableBuilder Features

  • Key Features

    - Export GstarCAD/AutoCAD (LT)/ MicroStation table to Excel spreadsheet and Access database with One-Click button
    - Convert the drawn table to GstarCAD / AutoCAD(LT) table.
    - Support for border color of the table in GstarCAD/AutoCAD (LT) /MicroStation
    - Support for Unicode Encoding (Multi-language character sets, such as East Asian languages) in GstarCAD/AutoCAD (LT)/ MicroStation.
    - Support for text color of the table in GstarCAD/AutoCAD (LT) /MicroStation.
    - Support for Math symbols etc.

CAD Platforms:
• GstarCAD
GstarCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Architetcure
• AutoCAD 2000 / AutoCAD LT 2000 or higher
• AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products:
• MicroStation V8 or higher
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Registered Customer

Registered Customer

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