GstarCAD Mechanical: How Being Compatible?

GstarCAD Mechanical: How Being Compatible?

Date: 2015-11-27

Mechanical engineering designers are more concerned with the precision and compatibility during data exchanging process. GstarCAD Mechanical is the only software which can precisely open, display, modify drawings created with AutoCAD® Mechanical and save as AutoCAD® Mechanical drawing format. On the other hand, GstarCAD Mechanical provides similar GUIs and operation habits as AutoCAD® Mechanical, making it very easily used by people who have AutoCAD® Mechanical experience.

1. Similar GUIs and operation habits

The GUIs of GstarCAD Mechanical (the “GCM”) is very similar to AutoCAD® Mechanical (the “ACM” ) and is customizable, like RIBBON、MENU and TOOLBAR etc. The operation habits also keep to the rules of ACM, which make it easier to get started and meet personalized needs of different designers.

2. Configuration of different standards

Users can apply different drafting standards like ANSI/BSI/CSN/DIN/GB/GOST/ISO/JIS in GstarCAD Mechanical, which is exactly in accordance with ACM. Standard-based drawing environment improves the communication of design intent between engineers. In addition, users can also customize standard drawing environment of their own to realize the unified design process and document.

3. Compatibility with ACM

GCM could accurately read the complete underlying data of ACM drawing and also the other way around. For instance, seamlessly data display including title blocks, balloons, part list, BOM, surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbols and so on. Displaying and modifying with no differences effectively avoids the difficulties of collaborative design caused by using different software.

Above all, GstarCAD Mechanical supplies the latest standard parts library, symbol and dimensioning tools. These standardized symbols and tools enhance the drafting/designing efficiency and helps to complete accurate product ideas quickly. 

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