Official Release of GstarCAD 2016

Official Release of GstarCAD 2016

Date: 2015-11-12

On November 3rd 2015, Gstarsoft launched GstarCAD 2016, a CAD platform more stable and faster than its previous versions. GstarCAD 2016 is aimed to save countless hours of design and rework through enhanced operability, performance and features.

Powerful Performance

The performance of GstarCAD 2016 is improved in many aspects. For common operations like OPEN, COPY, MOVE, UNDO, the operational performance has been obviously enhanced. The time of switching between layout spaces is reduced considerably thanks to the effective memory optimization. Also you could snap points more accurately over objects with more clear visualization.


GstarCAD 2016 supports DGN, Microstation native file format.  You can import and attach DGN files directly as underlay now. Another functional implementation is related to SOLIDEDIT command with new options like Union, Subtract, intersect, Imprint Edges, Color Edges ,etc.

Ease of Use

New Dynamic Input is undoubtedly a bright spot of this version. Now the Dynamic Input of GstarCAD 2016 displays all options of a command and you could select them in different but more efficient ways. The enhancement of icon display helps to recognize them at a glance. Object grip edition now supports multifunctional options and is easier to choose.

New Additions

The most stunning new addition of GstarCAD 2016 is Object Snap Options, in which you could find Distance from Endpoint and Divide Segments settings. After implement the setting, you will see a green snap point at accurate distance when you pass the cursor over the object.

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