GstarCAD 2015 New Year Promotion Achieve Success

GstarCAD 2015 New Year Promotion Achieve Success

Date: 2015-04-16

Gstarsoft started GstarCAD 2015 New Year Promotion with its distributors on January 12th, this time the promotion regions cover Europe and North America. Now the one-month promotion comes to the end, hundreds of users register in the promotion, also feed back their advice and opinions on using GstarCAD 2015.

In this New Year promotion, registered customers are from almost 30 countries and regions, including United States, Australia, Netherland, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom etc., also many countries not included in the promotion region. People reflect Gstarsoft should carry out more discount promotions like this. Some express how they are thinking about GstarCAD 2015. For example, a designer from United States thinks GstarCAD 2015 is remarkable for the price and an excellent alternative to Autodesk products, also will recommend it to more of his friends. Users from Netherland have a high opinion of the innovative features Barcode & QR code, which can be inserted in drawings and impact the way of storing and tracing relevant drawing data in the CAD industry. Suggestions for instance, many users pay more attention to the function PDF Underlay snapping, with which they can snap a specific point to realize accurate drawing, this feature has been added into the new patch version released on April 2. Now developers are working on more features and enhancements according to users’ demands.

The discount activity of GstarCAD 2015 successfully concluded, Gstarsoft thank everyone for their support and participation. Stay tuned with GstarCAD Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube for more product information and special offers. Welcome to suggest improvements to GstarCAD so that it could be more helpful in your design work. Download the latest version of GstarCAD 2015 please visit

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