GstarCAD 2015 New Patch Version Release

GstarCAD 2015 New Patch Version Release

Date: 2015-04-02

Gstarsoft release its new patch version of GstarCAD 2015 at April 2. In this updated version, users could see the new enhancements related to PDF underlay, Mtext functionality and some enhancements of the feedback returned from designers. Please see what’s new in this patch version below:

What’s New

★ PDF underlay now supports snapping objects. In the official version of GstarCAD 2015, users can reference and place a PDF as underlay in drawing files the same as doing raster image files. Now users could snap a specific point to realize accurate drawing.

★ Mtext supports auto stack for fractional numbering in this patch version. Add auto stack function in Mtext, input X/Y、X#Y and X^Y can automatically convert to stack mode.

Also there are several other feature improvements and bug fixing, please click here for details.

Download the latest version from here. Follow GstarCAD official Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for more updates.

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