GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 Features

  • Drafting Tools

  • Simplify mechanical drawing documentation by using intelligent drafting tools like holes and centerlines, construction lines, ….., and much more….
  • Reusable Tools

  • Update drawings quickly with powerful tools that enable users to edit previous operations, saving valuable design time. Easily re-edit features without having to remove and re-create the original feature.
  • Dimensioning Tools

  • Power dimension tool makes dimensioning easier by setting up variables relevant to manufacturing, as well integrates tolerance and fit list information. Multiple dimension tool creates batch dimensions effortlessly that are appropriately spaced.
  • Symbol

  • Save time on annotation input by relying on more than 11 kinds of symbols like surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbol, datum identifier and target, taper & slope, edge symbol and so on.
  • Part List

  • GstarCAD Mechanical supports extraction BOM data from DWG files for better reuse, promoting more efficient and accurate exchange of design data.What’s more,the balloon and list functionalities are associated with mechanical parts and keep updated when detected parts information changing.
  • Hole Chart

  • GstarCAD Mechanical supplies associative hole charts. Accurately create links between model and tables, support for real-time adding or removing holes, as well sort holes according to specified rules. It reduces some mistakes caused by manual operations.

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