GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 Official Release: Speed Up Your Drafting and Design

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 Official Release: Speed Up Your Drafting and Design

Date: 2015-05-02

Gstarsoft officially released its latest product GstarCAD Mechanical 2015. GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 is professional CAD software for mechanical drafting and design. It is highly compatible with AutoCAD® Mechanical and easy to be customized to meet various standards and specifications.

Standards-Based Design

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 accurately provides users from different countries with various drafting standards, including ANSI/BSI/CSN/DIN/GB /GOST/ISO/JIS. The standards are customizable, helping engineers to meet requirements by simplifying mechanical design process in the global market place consistently.

Professional mechanical design tools

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 simplify mechanical drawing by efficient drafting tools, such as Center Lines, Construction Lines, Center Holes, Details, Hide, etc. It also offers some design tools for updating association automatically, like Details, Chamfer, Scale View, Title Border, Hole Charts, etc, which can largely shorten the mechanical drafting workflow.

Easier Mechanical Documentation with Dimensioning Tools and Symbol Annotation

Powerful dimension tools make dimensioning easier by integrating tolerance and fit symbols flexibly. Multiple dimension tool creates batch dimension effortlessly that are appropriately spaced, which could efficiently reduce labeling task for engineering drawing.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 offers more than 11 kinds of annotation symbols to save user’s time, including Surface Texture, Feature Control Frame, Welding Symbol, Datum Identifier, Datum Target Symbol, Taper & Slope, Boundary Symbol, etc.

Accurate Data Management: Balloon, BOM and List

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 supports extracting BOM data from DWG files, reusing and sharing the component data. It helps saving time and guaranteeing the accurate exchange of information. The Balloon and Part List are intelligently associated with parts, which can reduce the cost of mistake information caused by recording, recognition and sorting.

Standard Part and Symbol Libraries, Customizable

According to the requirements of different professions in manufacturing industry, GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 supplies serials of international standard parts libraries and they are open to manage, maintain and customize. Users could easily create, retrieve, modify and expand its own serialization standard libraries.

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